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Domaine De Baconnes

113 Rue Lesage
Reims, Marne. 51100

"Discover the hunting ibex gredos ibex most sought after by hunters in Spain"

Our company has territories in France, Spain and Portugal and we now promotion on the ibex

Hunting ibex found in maginifique gredos landscape of Spain.

The ibex gredos is the rarest and most sought after in Spain. Our home is located in the middle of the hunting area in a beautiful rural house.

Our territory of over 20 000 hectares will allow see a large density of animals.

You will be taken over as soon as you arrived at the airport with someone who speaks English.

This promotion is exceptional, you will not have to add extra during your stay, this price is all inclusive (hunting license, insurance, accomadtion ...)

Feel free to contact me for more information

Prices for medal gold : 8 500 dollar U.S

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