We offer custom and standard hunting packages in some of the best hunting areas in Alberta. We will work together with you to put together the hunt you want.
Available Species
Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl, Mule Deer, Moose - West Canadian, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Bear - Black Bear
Hunting Location(s)
Udell's Guiding And Outfitting
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0K6
(780) 722-0243
Idaho Hunting Guides and Outfitters, License #12803
Available Species
Whitetail Deer, Mountain Lions, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Bear - Black Bear
Hunting Location(s)
Ace Outfitters Idaho
Pollock, Idaho 83547
United States
(208) 628-2722
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Record Stone Sheep, breath taking scenery with the best guides in the business. Hunter success rate over the past 10 years has been well over 90%.
Available Species
Sheep - Stone, Moose - West Canadian, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Caribou - Mountain, Bear - Black Bear
Hunting Location(s)
British Columbia
Big Nine Outfitters
Fort St. John, British Columbia V1J 4J2
(250) 787-8431
Cherokee T.P. Outfitters is a 28 year family owned/operated professional outfitting service in Jasper Colorado. Licensed/Bonded/Permitted in Units 80/81. Operating in the Rio Grande National Forest, San Juan.
Available Species
Elk - Rocky Mountain, Bear - Black Bear, Antelope - Proghorn, Mule Deer
Hunting Location(s)
Cherokee T.P. Outfitters LLC
Jasper, Colorado 81144
United States
(785) 543-7279
We offer the finest western elk hunting experience available. Come hunt with us Guided and Drop Camps.
Available Species
Bear - Black Bear, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Mule Deer
Hunting Location(s)
Elk Camp Outfitters, LLC
Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477
United States
(970) 846-6326
Specializing in quality full service hunting for deer, elk, mountain lions and antelope for 25 years, our hunting adventures have been featured on ESPN, The Outdoor Channel, The Sportman's Channel and the The Pursuit Channel. We offer excellent me...
Available Species
Antelope - Proghorn, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Mountain Lions, Mule Deer
Hunting Location(s)
Elkhorn Outfitters
Craig, Colorado 81625
United States
(970) 824-7392
ElkQuest offers superior elk hunting and superior trophy elk with guaranteed results. Last Minute Specials Available!
Available Species
Elk - Rocky Mountain
Hunting Location(s)
Durango, Colorado 81302
United States
(970) 749-4647
Located in Northern California
Available Species
Waterfowl, Upland Game, Turkey, Mule Deer, Elk - Roosevelt, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Blacktail Deer, Bear - Black Bear, Antelope - Proghorn
Hunting Location(s)
Nevada, California
J&L Outfitters LLC
Burney, California 96013
United States
(530) 917-8503
I hunt in New Mexico and Colorado offering public land and private land big game hunts. I offer guided or self guided hunts, draw or guaranteed licenses.
Available Species
Antelope - Proghorn, Coues Deer, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Exotic, Mule Deer, Sheep - Bighorn, Turkey
Hunting Location(s)
Colorado, New Mexico
Kiowa Hunting Service
Raton, New Mexico 87740
United States
(575) 445-9330
800 square miles of some of the best big game hunting in North America. Area borders Kootenay and Banff National Parks. Discounts on all 2015 hunts!
Available Species
Bear - Black Bear, Bear - Grizzly Bear, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Moose - Shiras, Mountain Goat, Mountain Lions, Mule Deer, Sheep - Bighorn, Wolf
Hunting Location(s)
British Columbia
Kootenay Outfitters
San Diego, California 92131
United States
(877) 202-1964

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