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Record Stone Sheep, breath taking scenery with the best guides in the business. Hunter success rate over the past 10 years has been well over 90%.
Available Species
Sheep - Stone, Moose - West Canadian, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Caribou - Mountain, Bear - Black Bear
Hunting Location(s)
British Columbia
Big Nine Outfitters
Fort St. John, British Columbia V1J 4J2
(250) 787-8431
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Efford's Hunting Adventures offers some of the best Caribou, Moose and Bear hunting grounds in remote Newfoundland.
Available Species
Moose - West Canadian, Caribou - Mountain, Bear - Black Bear
Hunting Location(s)
Efford's Hunting Adventures
Port Blandford, Newfoundland and Labrador A0C 2G0
(709) 543-2274
Watlington Outdoors is a premier hunting consultant & hunting booking agent that is dedicated to helping you plan and book your hunting trips with reputable and tested outfitters.
Available Species
Wolf, Wild Boar & Javelina, Wild Boar, Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl, Upland Game, Turkey, Tahr, Sheep - Stone, Sheep - Desert Bighorn, Sheep - Dall, Sheep - Bighorn, Red Stag, Predator, Plains Game, Muskox, Mule Deer, Mountain Lions, Mountain Goat, Moose - West Canadian, Moose - Shiras, Moose - Eastern, Moose - Alaska / Yukon, Lion - African, Leopard, Fallow Deer, Exotic, Elk - Roosevelt, Elk - Rocky Mountain, Elephant, Dove, Coues Deer, Chamois, Caribou - Woodland, Caribou - Mountain, Caribou- Quebec Labrador, Caribou- Central Barren Ground, Caribou- Alaska Barren Ground, Cape Buffalo, Buffalo, Blacktail Deer, Bison, Big 5, Bear - Polar Bear, Bear - Grizzly Bear, Bear - Brown Bear, Bear - Black Bear, Antelope - Proghorn, Alligator
Hunting Location(s)
Wyoming, Washington, Utah, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada, Nebraska, Montana, Missouri, Maine, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Idaho, Florida, Colorado, California, Arizona, Alaska, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, New Zealand, Cameroon, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Québec, Northwest Territories, Newfoundland, Manitoba, British Columbia, Alberta, Argentina
Watlington Outdoors
Monmouth Junction, New Jersey 08852
United States
(732) 329-6570
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Hunters fly from Whitehorse into base camp via bush plane. Base camp consists of remote cabins in picturesque settings.
Available Species
Caribou - Mountain, Sheep - Stone, Wolf
Hunting Location(s)
Anchor Bar Expeditions
Nanton, Alberta T0L1R0
(403) 646-5714
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We welcome you to join us on a adventure of a lifetime!
Available Species
Moose - West Canadian, Caribou - Mountain, Bear - Grizzly Bear, Sheep - Dall, Wolf
Hunting Location(s)
Bonnet Plume Outfitters
Calling Lake, Alberta T0G 0K0
(780) 331-2440
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Located in the northwest corner of British Columbia, less than 100 miles from Alaska and 50 miles from the Yukon.
Available Species
Bear - Grizzly Bear, Caribou - Mountain, Moose - West Canadian, Mountain Goat, Sheep - Stone
Hunting Location(s)
British Columbia
Cassiar Stone Outfitters
Green, British Columbia T2Y3B9
(604) 857-3570

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